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Currently, the company's largest segment of business is its highly successful consumer educational programming under the umbrella of its' American Lifestyle Series. Existing half-hour shows include: New Home Journal, This Week in Real Estate, Competitive Edge, Today's Family, Great Taste, Local Flavor Television and The Auto Report. The shows are designed on a national platform that includes advice and tips from high-profile experts in the field.

On the local level, New Home Journal and This Week in Real Estate feature a wealth of information on communities, mortgage rates, property taxes, pricing, building specs, how to negotiate buying or selling a home, real estate professionals and moving companies. Competitive Edge is an exciting program focusing on innovative products and services in the active health and sporting markets. Today's Family and Great Taste are examples of national television shows catering to the education and entertainment of the homeowner as well as family entertainment and lifestyle enhancements. The Auto Report educates car buyers on issues such as dealerships, guarantees, and rebates. Local Flavor Television offers viewers an inside look into the "local flavor" of their hometown or vacation destinations.


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PlatinumTV is an industry leader in consumer lifestyle educational shows.